Security is an important aspect of any infrastructure especially for infrastructures in the Cloud. However, best security practices regarding parameters and secrets often are overlooked during fast and iterative application deployment cycles. Wouldn’t it be nice if AWS had managed services to help with store parameters and secrets while keeping security best practices intact? You’re in luck!

One such service is SSM Parameter Store which is a secured and managed key/value store perfect for storing parameters, secrets, and configuration information. However, in April of 2018, AWS also introduced another service called AWS Secrets Manager that offers similar functionality. Given that…

AWS App Runner has arrived! This new service offers an additional option for running your containers on AWS, and there are some key features that might make it attractive for your application.

Billing: App Runner understands when your application is idle versus active, and bills you at a cheaper rate based on memory reservation when you aren’t actually serving traffic. Active applications bill for memory and CPU.

Load Balancing: App Runner manages load balancing itself, and includes the load balancer price in the cost for the service. No need to worry about launching your own ALB or combining multiple services…

First , I will let you know what is the issue I faced in web forms application(ASPX).

I have my legacy web application which was written in and deployed in IIS 10. We have static files(PDF, JS , CSS,Json,all types of images(jpg,png,bmp etc..,.)) are located in a sub folder on the site called data, e.g. an unauthenticated user browse those files(e.g. or or, it will display those files without authentication. In other words, the pages should only be available when the user is authenticated.

IIS’s Default Behavior By default, the IIS web server dispatches requests…

  1. VPC — Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) lets you launch AWS resources in a private, isolated cloud.
  2. Route 53 — It’s a scalable and highly available DNS and domain name registration service.
  3. EC2 — Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) provides
    resizable compute capacity in the cloud.
  4. Elastic Beanstalk — AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an application container for deploying and managing applications.
  5. Lambda — AWS Lambda is a compute service that runs
    your code in response to events and automatically manages the computing resources.
  6. EC2 Container Service — Amazon ECS allows you to easily run and manage Docker containers across a cluster…

Below are the few AWS tips that I came across while doing my development.

if there are any other specific areas folks are interested in hearing about, feel free to mention that in the replies


  • AWS changes — daily. there are little changes (eg. service X available in region Y, service Z support feature A, service B bumps C limit), there are big changes (eg. AWS launches new region D, AWS launches new service E, AWS fixes cold-starts for lambda), some good resources to follow for AWS updates:
  • AWS news blog:
  • AWS what’s new:
  • No…

As developer I don’t want to connect all the time to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and also to reduce AWS Cost(to reduce usage charges), we will keep aws in local development environment

Why? why is testing in the cloud is not good enough?

  • It takes time, getting your code there, and spinning up an instance will forever be slower than just firing up a few commands locally.
  • It’s not free! spinning up instances has a cost.

Here comes localstack — created a local, offline version of the AWS infrastructure!

  • A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. …

  • Initially Started with creating infrastructure in the console -> then with AWS SDK /CLI -> then with CloudFormation that uses YAML template that we need to remember the properties and its types of the AWS resources -> Now ended up with creating infrastructure with any one of our days to day using a programming language( typescript, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#) using CDK.

Few Advantages of using CDK(Cloud Development Kit)

  • Use object-oriented techniques to create a model of your system
  • Share and reuse your infrastructure as a library ( We have created few commonly used aws resources(S3, Apigateway, lambda, SQS, SNS…

As most of the teams are using the dynamoDB , here are the few tips that we can make use of it to optimize cost.

1. Use shorter attribute names

Because DynamoDB in both On-Demand and Provisioned capacity mode uses size-dependent billing units (1 WCU/WRU = 1KB, 1 RCU/RRU = 4KB), plus, you’re paying for storage too, you should always aim to make your records as small as possible. If making attribute values is not an option, try making attribute names shorter. This helps you reduce the amount of storage required for your data. …

Developers can choose between various self-hosted and SaaS tools available for CI/CD.Here we will focus on AWS Code Pipeline vs. GitHub Actions

AWS Code Pipeline integrates very well into the AWS ecosystem. Being able to use IAM roles for authentication instead of fiddling around with access keys for IAM users is a big plus. However, the main concepts behind GitHub Actions and AWS Code Pipeline are similar.


#AWS #CICD #CodePipeline #GitHubAction #DeploymentTools #devops #CodeBuild #github #Pipeline

As many of them are using RDS, its usage cost will end up like below for Multi-zone Availability with on-demand DB instance

  • USD 0.34 per RDS db.r5.large Single-AZ instance hour running Aurora Postgresql with on-demand DB instance

So 24hrs * 30 days = 720 hrs

For single instance 720 hrs * 0.34 = $244.8

For Multi-AZ : 244.8 * 2 = $489.6

If we run only during certain peak times like ( Mon — FRI 9 AM — 6 PM as per our convenience) and shut down during the rest of the time in sbx/testing environment, the billing amount will…

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