AWS App Runner has arrived! This new service offers an additional option for running your containers on AWS, and there are some key features that might make it attractive for your application.

Billing: App Runner understands when your application is idle versus active, and bills you at a cheaper rate based on memory reservation when you aren’t actually serving traffic. Active applications bill for memory and CPU.

Load Balancing: App Runner manages load balancing itself, and includes the load balancer price in the cost for the service. No need to worry about launching your own ALB or combining multiple services on a single ALB to optimize your costs. App Runner also manages TLS and certs

Automatic Deployments: App Runner watches your source code repository or container registry and updates your application when it sees changes. No need to provision and manage your own CI/CD pipelines and build servers.

Scaling: App Runner allows you to fine tune your scaling along multiple dimensions: CPU, memory, and concurrency. App Runner automatically launches the right number of containers behind the scenes to serve your level of traffic, and stops or “idles” them as needed.

You can launch an App Runner service today in AWS Copilot, by selecting the “Request-Driven Web Service” option when running “copilot init”:


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