As many of them are using RDS, its usage cost will end up like below for Multi-zone Availability with on-demand DB instance

  • USD 0.34 per RDS db.r5.large Single-AZ instance hour running Aurora Postgresql with on-demand DB instance

So 24hrs * 30 days = 720 hrs

For single instance 720 hrs * 0.34 = $244.8

For Multi-AZ : 244.8 * 2 = $489.6

If we run only during certain peak times like ( Mon — FRI 9 AM — 6 PM as per our convenience) and shut down during the rest of the time in sbx/testing environment, the billing amount will reduce.

I have written a python lambda function to start and stop the RDS instance and created cloud watch events to execute the lambda.

PFB GitHub path for the src and CF file.

We have used the cluster name as a parameter in the CF template, so from Dev to QA to UAT I can change the DB name in the environment variable without having to change the code.

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