Where we are in Infrastructure as code journey.

  • Initially Started with creating infrastructure in the console -> then with AWS SDK /CLI -> then with CloudFormation that uses YAML template that we need to remember the properties and its types of the AWS resources -> Now ended up with creating infrastructure with any one of our days to day using a programming language( typescript, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#) using CDK.

Few Advantages of using CDK(Cloud Development Kit)

  • Use object-oriented techniques to create a model of your system
  • Share and reuse your infrastructure as a library ( We have created few commonly used aws resources(S3, Apigateway, lambda, SQS, SNS, etc..,) as a library in both c# and typescript( PFB for the GitHub link), so we can simply call and reuse it on our application.
  • Don’t want to remember all the properties of the AWS services because it will give code completion IntelliSense.
  • We can use logical statements (if, for-loop ) when defining your infrastructure.
  • Easy to deploy
  • Less coding ( For creating Code Pipeline( Source, Build, Approval, Deploy ) it ends up with 189 lines of code, whereas through YAML at least we will end up with around 350 + lines of code.
  • Less Error — Won’t get any syntactical error in AWS services
  • Use of Familiar Programming Languages( typescript, Python, JavaScript, Java, C#).


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